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Original Contemporary Oil Paintings by Rhonda


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“Life is full of color and beauty. There’s so much to partake of and enjoy! The way light affects the world around us is my muse. My passion is the beauty of nature and the landscape. I find that the way in which light plays on our surroundings captivates my soul. I am constantly moved to recreate what I have experienced visually.” ~ Rhonda

Rhonda received her B.F.A. from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1987. Upon completion of her formal studies, she began her career as an artist in the field of photography. Eventually, she owned her business as a professional restoration artist. A restoration artist back in the day before Photoshop, was an artist who restored old photographs to new by copying the original then using airbrushing and other art methods to bring the old photo back to new. This was all done by hand, without the aid of the computer, (i.e. Photoshop). A restoration artist would also remove wrinkles by painting dyes on the negative! Times certainly have changed.

Rhonda’s background in photography gave her the training to see color, light and aesthetic compositions, which are strong themes in her art today. She began her career as a painter in 1999 when after a successful twelve-year run, she closed her restoration business, when Photoshop came on the scene. Rhonda enjoys a certain level of detail in her work, stemming from her years as a restoration artist and is showcased in her style of semi-realism. Rhonda considers herself a colorist in that she enjoys painting color and light.

Rhonda resides on a lake in the mountains of Northern Idaho, and her surroundings inspired her to name her studio after one of the local native pine trees – Tamarack Pines, also known as Western Larch.  She works from her home studio but when time and weather permits, enjoys painting outdoors.

As an artist, Rhonda greatly enjoys the act of creation; making something that was not there before. She experiences pure joy when in the process of creating art, often loosing track of time. Rhonda loves to bring that joy to those who view and own her work. It is her ambition to continue growing as an artist, while working to portray the enchantment of light in her work.

“Life offers us a wonderful bounty of beauty! I am hopeful that my art will highlight this beauty, instilling in my viewers, the emotion and joy I felt when first creating the work.”

Rhonda is a Signature member of Oil Painters of America.

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