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Blue chested Hummingbird

There are so many varieties of Hummingbirds that it is just amazing to me! I wish we had more species of hummingbirds in our area, like this Blue chested Hummingbird. We only have a few varieties but I’m happy for the ones we do have. I recently finished this new pastel of a female Blue chested hummingbird gathering nectar from lovely pink flowers:

Blue chested Hummingbird
Female Blue chested Hummingbird

{The QR code and Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark is not on the original painting.}

“Blue chested Hummingbird” was painted on dark grey PastelMat paper and is aprox. 9″x9″, unframed. I used hard and soft pastels to create the piece.

Since the Blue chested Hummingbird does not live in our area, I had to use a photo reference, which came from a site called Pixabay. A Pixabay member named StockSnap took the lovely photo I used for a reference. There are thousands of quality images available for free use on the Pixabay site! All they ask is that whomever uses an image , that they give credit to the photographer. One can also donate money to a photographer for the use of their photo.

Before I began my pastel, I sketched out a design in my sketchbook and changed the format of the original photo. The original photo has been flipped and cropped to a square. I did a Notan sketch first to map out my lights and darks. Then I drew another sketch and used watercolors to plan the palette.

Design in sketchbook for hummingbird painting

After doing a few thumbnails in my sketchbook, I felt I had enough muscle memory to paint the piece. I had a good time working through all the blues and greens of this beautiful Blue chested Hummingbird, since blue is my favorite color! I can only image what these birds look like in real life! Their habitat is in South America so it’s highly unlikely I will ever see one.

Blue and green soft pastels

A majority of my colors were in the cool tones for the bird, offset by warm tones in the flowers and background.

It took me about two days to paint the piece off and on as I like to bring my work to a certain level of detail and finish. The pastels are helping me to loosen up somewhat in my work, but I still have a ways to go on that!

This is the latest painting of the Birds in Pastels series, and next I will be either painting a Robin or some chickens.

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