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Blue Jay in the Forest

Today I’m sharing another of my Birds in Pastel Series and this one is entitled “Blue Jay in the Forest”. I love the color blue, so for me, a Blue Jay is a special bird! I have only seem them in our area a few times though, which is strange, since I live in the forest. Last year we had two Blue Jays hanging around the bird feeder for a day and I was so happy, because I thought perhaps we’d have new residents, but the next day they were gone, and I’ve not seen them since.

Blue Jays are such smart birds, and one time on a biking adventure in the Sierras, my husband and I stopped for lunch and a Blue Jay swooped in and landed on our picnic table. He was not afraid of us and it was almost as if he was saying “Can I have a bite?” I know you’re not supposed to feed the wildlife but I can’t help myself, so I tossed him a potato chip. He loved it! Then I said to my husband, “I should not feed him potato chips for heavens sake, I’ll give him my bread instead.” So I tore off a small piece of bread and tossed him that and of course he woofed it down. He stayed on the picnic table, waiting for more, so I was able to see close up, his lovely blue colors. It was obvious it wasn’t the first time he’d been fed by a person!

The distinctive sound that Blue Jays make always reminds me of the forest and that’s why I wish we had more of them around. I can’t answer why we don’t have them around, but it’s always a great day when I spot one!

Here’s my latest in the series; “Blue Jay in the Forest”:

Blue Jay in the Forest
“Blue Jay in the Forest”

{The Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark is not on the original painting.}

“Blue Jay in the Forest was painted on green Pastel Mat paper with soft pastels and is about 8″x10”. I just love all the different blue colors! Perhaps someday, a Blue Jay will grace the feeder again and it will be a special day!

Stay tuned for more Birds in Pastel! Thanks for taking time to stop by! Much Love ~ Rhonda

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