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European Robin in Pastel

Today, I bring you the end of the Birds in Pastel series, with a painting of a European robin. I chose to paint a European robin because of their colorful plumage. Our typical robins in the U.S. are not as pretty as the European variety, in my opinion. The European robin has beautiful feathers of bright orange on the breast surrounded by lovely tones of blue. Their back feathers are that of olive green and brown, and they have a white underbelly. What a wonderful complimentary color scheme and perfect to depict in pastel.

The European robin was painted on a 6″x8″ black UArt pastel board with a limited palette of soft pastels. Since robins love water, I painted this little guy next to a puddle. Perhaps he’s about to take a bath?

European robin

Robins have a funny shaped body, don’t they? They are so fat as birds go; probably because they eat too many worms and bugs! What I love about robins is how they take a bath after they’ve eaten and before they go to bed each night. I think that’s so cute. What I don’t love about them, is they start singing at 3:30 in the morning in the spring and summer. Our local robins migrate and come back in the spring, so that gives me winter as a break from being awaken early in the morning by a robin.

There is one more bird I may paint in this series, and that’s a Western Flycatcher. For now, Im going to switch over to landscapes. This was a really fun series to do and I liked painting the feathers on the birds most of all. I learned if I stroke a pastel stick upwards it makes a perfect feather. I also learned if I get too much pastel on the paper it becomes hard to manipulate and so now I lay it in and call it good. Once is good enough!

Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to bringing you more. Until next time ~ much Love, ~ Rhonda