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New Series ~ “Reflections”

I’ve been thinking lately about bringing more cohesion to my work, and asked myself this question; “What subjects do I really like to paint?” I looked around my studio at the work I’ve done, and it seems reflections in water and floral paintings are split pretty evenly. But, I feel my work appears scattered, it doesn’t have a “style” or a “theme” which could make a nice collection.

So, I came to a decision that my new assignment is to paint 50 works entitled “Reflections ~ The Beautiful Waterways of Idaho” Ultimately, it will become a book. I haven’t decided if I will start counting from 1 with the painting I began this week, or will include previous works into this collection, but it feels good to have a focus! I’m one of those artists who behaves like a butterfly going from flower to flower and never staying on one particular flower too long.

I don’t know if my time management will allow me to work on more than one painting in a week, given I’ve decided to make them all 8″x10″, but if I can pull it off, two paintings a week would be the ultimate goal. I will share my journey along the way, and you are welcome to cheer me on or give me constructive criticism by commenting on what you think of the work, or just hit the like button and decide not to engage in convo. But I really really would like some sort of feedback, so it doesn’t continually feel like I’m talking to the wall! Know what I mean? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, here are two of my fave paintings that possibly could be a part of the series:

Bridge at Buttonhook

“Bridge at Buttonhook”  6″x6″ oil on panel

Little Cabin by the Lake

“Little Cabin by the Lake” – 8″x10″ oil on canvas

Here’s a sneak peak of the new work in progress:

work in progess

1 work in progress 2