“Dandelion Flowers” Oil Painting


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“Dandelion Flowers” is a miniature oil painting, painted on 4″x4″ gallery wrapped box canvas. The painting depicts delicate yellow flowers set against a dark background, surrounded by buds that are ready to open. This miniature painting would make a wonderful gift to a gardener or for yourself as a special reminder of your gardening days!

Dandelion facts:

Did you know Dandelion flowers are a bee’s first food in the spring when other flowers have not yet bloomed?

All parts of the dandelion are edible and the leaves can be sauteed or added to a salad. Dandelion flowers have a mild pain-relieving quality and can be made into oil or a soothing pain relief salve. Both, the flowers and leaves can be dried and made into a delicious, soothing tea.

Many people think of dandelion flowers as weeds and others think of them as flowers. What do you think?

Painting notes:

Why not pair “Dandelion Flowers” painting with  “Dandelion Seed” and make a cool collection? If you contact me, you can ask about a special discount* with the purchase of both paintings.

The back of the painting is enclosed in wood and has a hole for hanging. There is no need for costly framing and can be enjoyed right out of the box!

This painting is signed by the artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Complimentary gift wrapping is included with all painting purchases.

A watermark is used for online purposes only and the Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark is not on your painting. Images are color corrected to the painting, but because of the differences in display screens,  a painting may look slightly different in person; This difference is normal and cannot be helped. The use of gloss varnish on the paintings may cause spectral highlights to show up on-screen as white dots.

*Items on sale do not qualify for special discounts.

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