“Yellow Throat Warbler” oil painting


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“Yellow Throat Warbler” oil painting is painted in oil on 6″x6″ panel and framed in black with a gold liner.

This sweet little bird flew into our window one day and I found him hiding under some lettuce in my vegetable garden. I thought he was dead but upon further inspection discovered he was just knocked out. He allowed me to pick him up so I could see if he had a broken wing or foot, and upon inspection there seemed to be no obvious injuries. I set him on this nest I have in my studio, but he would have no part of it and flew into my tomato plant. I decided if he could fly, then maybe he just needed a good rest. The next morning I went to water the vegetable garden and he was gone! I was so happy that I decided to create a painting  to commemorate him.

Signed by the artist.  Certificate of Authenticity included. Complimentary gift wrap available.

Please note: The Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark will not be on your painting. This is done for online purposes only. Also, while every effort is made to color correct images, differences in monitors cannot be helped, and the painting may look slightly different, if not better, in real life. Spectral highlights from the gloss varnish may show up on-screen as white dots. This is normal and cannot be helped.

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