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Black Friday may be over but…

Merry Christmas Red Deer Mug

My Black Friday Sale may be over but there are still items in the Gift Shop and the Ye Old Christmas Shop on sale for one more week. The last day to ship items for Christmas delivery via USPS is Dec. 15 and Dec. 20 for Fed Ex 2 day delivery.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was lovely. We deep fried a turkey which turned out delicious and had all the fixings.

In the meantime, I have a question that I could use some input on, perhaps you will indulge me in the comment section below. My website renewal is due at the end of this month, and I am having a hard decision to make: do I pay the high yearly fee to continue or do I shut it all down as there isn’t enough interest to continue for another year? It seems to me it is the latter, as I rarely get comments on any blog post, or likes for that matter, which tells me my posts are not being seen or there is just no interest. Sales are not as expected to be honest.

Is art something folks are not interested in anymore, or are people just creating their own art these days? Back in the day, original art was considered valued as a home decor item. But with the advent of print on demand, mass manufacturing, low prices on printed artwork, and the general times we live in, I fear artists who are trying to earn a living at their craft are going by the wayside. I see this in many artists who are turning to workshops as a way to earn a living. Not only that, they are forced to try and sell there works at lower prices than they should be. This is sad to me as I love art! I understand the creative process and what it takes to show up at the easel and create something that was not there before. With the cost of art supplies skyrocketing and the demands on our time, it’s becoming harder and harder to be a successful artist. So I ask you who may be following me, read my posts, like my work, etc., do I stay or do I leave? If you prefer not to leave a comment you can fill out the feedback form below. Your info will remain private.

The sound of Crickets (i.e. no comments or likes on this post) will tell me its time to leave and my website will be gone on Dec. 20th. If that’s the decision I must come to, then I thank all of you who have left such lovely comments on my posts and have hit the like button! If after Dec. 20 you see I’m still here, then I thank you for your feedback and know you helped me to make a difficult decision!

The Black Friday sale may be over but there is still time to pick up some unique gifts in the Gift Shop. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year! May 2021 be a better one for all. Much Love ~ Rhonda

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Worst Year Ever Sale!

Sunset on the Villa

This year, instead of the typical Thanksgiving weekend sale, I thought it would be cool to have a Worst Year Ever sale; Because 2020 has been the Worst Year Ever. Beginning today, Nov. 7, 2020 and ending on Nov. 30, 2020, the Worst Year Ever Sale kicks off! I’m sick of 2020 as I’m sure you are too, so I’ve put nearly the entire gallery on sale! Select paintings are up to 50% off. Shop early, as there is only one of each painting. More paintings and other items will be added throughout the month for the Worst Year Ever sale, so check back often.

Christmas will be here before you know it and you’ll be up at midnight wondering what to get that hard to shop for person. Do they have an original one of a kind painting of a favorite subject? Humm? Maybe this could be the year you buy something unique, instead of a last minute dollar store gift. Shop early because shipping has been delayed and you don’t want to be a grinch with nothing to put under the tree. Right?

Here’s a teaser of some of the paintings in the Gallery on sale this month:

  • Yellow-throated Warbler oil painting
  • Pears oil painting
  • Pink Conch Shell
  • Pink Rose Bud
  • Purple Lilacs oil painting
  • Bearded Iris oil painting
  • Serenity on the River oil painting
  • Solitude oil painting
  • "Fly Fishing"
  • Sunset on the Villa
  • Dandelion Flowers oil painting

Click on the GALLERY tab on the home page of my website and you will be taken to all things painted in oil. Pastel paintings and gift shop items aren’t included in this sale. You can sign up for divided payments and give your person a card with a note saying their gift will be late, which would be appreciated not only by them, but by me, if that’s a financial position you find yourself in. Which of course because 2020 has been the Worst Year Ever, it’s highly likely, divided payments would be a real help at this time and I would love to help out.

Complimentary gift wrap is included with your purchase as well as a signed Certificate of Authenticity by me, the artist. What is a Certificate of Authenticity? It’s a signed certificate by the artist who created the work, stating the work is an original work of art and not a copy. It gives the year the work was created, the title and size of the piece.

Free Shipping is not included in the Worst Year Ever sale. The Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark is not on the paintings, and is done for online purposes only.

Feel Free to share this post with anyone you can think of! And if you’re interested in quarterly news about secret sales and giveaways, sign up below and become a TMS member! Happy Thanksgiving! Much Love ~ Rhonda

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