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Mini White Water Pastel

Well, I’m back to share with you a painting I did while on a recent camping trip. I titled the piece Mini White Water Pastel because it is about a place on the river that had some mini whitewater.

I set up my easel next to the water’s edge and had the most delightful day ever! The weather was perfect and there weren’t any bugs. We had the area to ourselves the entire day. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

First, I did a watercolor sketch of the scene to figure out my composition. Then, I made notes about the lighting, background and main colors. After lunch I set to work blocking in my pastel. You can see the hubs off in the distance fishing.

Watercolor sketch
Plein Air painting on Moyie River
Plein Air set up

The day flew by and before I knew it I had lost the light on the whitewater area, my focal point. The sun set behind the trees and the entire river was in shadow, even though it was only mid afternoon. I had to finish the painting in the studio using my reference photos and sketchbook notes, but I was able to block in all the major areas before leaving. Maybe if I hadn’t done a thumbnail sketch in my watercolor journal first, I would have been able to finish the painting on scene. Typical me, I’m a slow working artist. Anyway, here’s the finished painting:

Mini Whitewater Pastel

Mini White Water Pastel was painted on 9.5″x7″ tan Pastelmat paper with soft pastels. I kept the composition simple and painted the rocks loosely so the emphasis would be on the water. I feel this was a successful painting because it says something about this beautiful quiet area of the river; where the water spilled over the rocks, on a sunny blue sky day. : )

Our camping trip lasted two and a half days and we had a great time! It was perfect in every way for a fall trip. The hubs wasn’t successful at fishing but he had an enjoyable time teaching a worm to swim! ; ) Any time spent in nature is always a good day.

Thanks for stopping by! Much Love! ~ Rhonda

End of the Year Extravaganza SALE ends in one week!

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End of the Year Extravaganza SALE!

a happy woman holding shopping paper bags



Sale Ends Oct. 31, 2021

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within seven days of receipt. No questions asked. *

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I am closing my website at the end of this year. With all that is going on, I feel it is not the right time to be selling art. This is the last sale of 2021. If you like my work and wish to add to your art collection, this will be your last opportunity to purchase a piece on sale. If you would like to break up your purchase into manageable payments please see the Payment Plans page for more info.

I will still be sending out newsletters if you want to stay in contact. You can sign up for news HERE.

Thank you to all who have supported me during the years!

Much, Much Love and many Blessings to you! ~ Rhonda

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Pink Roses Pastel Painting

My flower garden is in full bloom with rose and Lillies of all sorts! It smells so wonderful and all the colors are a treat for the eyes! So here is my first floral painting of the year, called Pink Roses Pastel Painting.

Last week I picked some of my pink roses and brought them inside to enjoy, because they were suffering in the heat. It was really hot outside, in fact unusually hot for our area. We have been having some extreme hot temperatures for the last few weeks, so I have stayed inside! I’m not a fan of extremes in temperature, especially heat. It was the perfect time to do some still life paintings and pink roses made a great subject! So I thought.

Pink Roses Pastel Painting

It’s been awhile since I have painted floral genre and I’m out of practice. Needless to say this pink roses pastel painting was a challenge for me. As I look at the photo of the painting, I see lots of areas that could be improved, but I’m going to leave it as is and call it a learning piece.

I used wine Pastelmat paper that was 9″x12″ in size and soft pastels. After blocking in my sketch I set out to paint and after a few hours I was really unhappy with the way things were going. I took the paper off the easel and threw it in the trash. After taking a break, I came back in the studio and took the painting out of the trash and taped it back on the easel. I decided to use a brush and water to paint out what I had done, and create and under painting. Taking out my frustrations on the painting with water was great fun. I left it to dry and called it a day.

The next morning I turned on the easel light and was surprised to see that the painting could be salvaged and I could see a path forward. So, again, I played with textures and edges and ended up enjoying the process. I worked on staying loose and not blending the pastel.

Roses have always been hard for me to depict in a painting so now the challenge is on! I’ve got to figure this out! Pink is also a difficult color to portray especially in pastel, so maybe I’ll try some of my other roses that have red and orange in them. For now, I’m taking a break from roses and will sneak up on them another day.

Currently on my still life table is a white Lilly from the flower garden. I’m painting it in pastel and it’s coming along okay. The flower smells wonderful!

White Lilly

I’ve painted these Lillies in oils mostly, and created one pastel last year that came out great. I’m haunted by these beautiful flowers and every year I have to paint them. They only last a few weeks, so now is the time to capture their beauty, if at all possible.

I’ll be back soon to show you how the painting turned out. I hope I don’t wreck it! I am struggling with what color to make the background. White isn’t going to work, so I’ll have to invent something. I was thinking I’d make a high key painting by placing the flower on a white background, but now I wonder if that was a good decision. I’ll need to play around and see what happens.

Much love ~ Rhonda

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“Teapot” Original Oil on panel


 “Teapot” is a 6″x6″ original oil on panel painting.

I used a limited palette of whites and greys to portray the subject.

The black frame with silver liner, makes a very dramatic statement.

This painting may be small, but I love the way it commands attention!

Signed by the artist. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Please note: The Tamarack Mountain Studio watermark will not be on your painting.