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A Fall Day on the Lake

Happy Fall! I love this time of the year, don’t you? A Fall day on the Lake is the best because all the tourists have left for the season and the lake is quiet.

Last weekend we took the boat out for the final time this year and it was a delightfully beautiful day. I brought my fishing pole and my mini plein air box of pastels, plus provisions to BBQ burgers for lunch on the beach. The temps were in the mid 60’s and there was no wind. The water was like glass.

Fall scene on the lake

Many local fisherman were out catching fish like crazy. We talked to a fisherman who caught a 24 lb. fish! I was lucky too and caught a nice sized trout with my first cast! (My husband always takes the hooks out for me. That’s a pic of him holding my fish.) We debated whether to keep it for dinner or throw him back. We decided to set him free. : )


As we were trolling, I was watching the shoreline and saw a large white animal walking along. I thought at first it was a huge white dog and was just about to say “Look at that weird looking white dog!” but then I realized it wasn’t a dog at all, it was a huge Mountain Goat! Here’s a little video:

How cool is that? Normally the goats are way up in the mountains, but this guy decided to hang out at lake level to our absolute delight!

We picked a spot on the beach to have lunch and afterwards I did a small pastel of the scene. I wanted to say something about the fall colors and the reflections in the calm lake. There was no one else around and the fish were jumping all around us. I may add some fish rings to the piece before deciding its absolutely finished. I didn’t get too fussy with details and so the painting is very soft and loose.

A Fall Day in the Lake pastel
A Fall Day on the Lake

(The watermark is not on the painting.)

A Fall Day on the Lake was painted on brown Pastelmat paper and is approx. 7″x5.5″ in size. I used Terry Ludwigs’ Landscape set of pastels. I think it’s finished, what do you think? Should I add fish rings and splashes, maybe some birds, or call it done?

I think since plein air season is now over, I’m going to work on still life paintings in pastel. My year of pastel focus is almost up. I have really loved exploring this medium and have liked it so much I will continue on and see where it takes me. I’ve found my medium now I just need to find my subject!

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Thanks for stopping in! Much Love to all! ~ Rhonda