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Garden Roses Pastel

Since Fall is quickly turning towards winter, I picked the last of the Roses from the garden before they were gone and created Garden Roses Pastel. It was painted on grey PastelMat paper and is approximately 8″x10″ in size. I used a variety of pastels from hard to soft and really enjoyed the process. The Roses smelled so wonderful that I wished at times, I could incorporate the smell into the painting!

Garden Roses Pastel

It took me a few days to paint this piece and each day the flowers were more open than the day before. The first day I blocked in all the main passages and the second day I worked on building the forms with light and shadow. I painted the vase last because it was unchanging and then as a final detail, added the petal on the table. By the last day the flowers were gone and this is what was left:

Dying Roses

The photo is a bit distorted because I was looking down on it, but you get the idea. I saved the petals to make some potpourri and the little bud never opened. It’s always sad when flowers are done.

I absolutely love flowers and enjoyed painting this Garden Roses Pastel. My ultimate garden dream is to plant a Rose garden with a water fountain in the middle and benches to sit and reflect upon the surroundings. It would be a huge undertaking because our backyard is on a hill side and full of rocks. Maybe some day it will happen and give me many more Roses as subjects! Right now I only have three Rose bushes; one pink and two orange/pink varieties.

My next painting will be a homage to Fall and Thanksgiving with a still life of some mini pumpkins done in pastel. At least I know the pumpkins will last and I won’t have to rush through it. That will be fun! I’m also turning my attention to some other things, because I have art A.D.D. and jump around from interest to interest. I’ve been having a play at junk journaling! I’ll share that at the end of the year.

Thanks for stopping by~ And as always, I appreciate you! Much Love! ~Rhonda