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Seattle skyline – Work in progress

I’ve been busy working on an oil painting of the Seattle skyline. This piece is my donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Spokane for their annual fund raising gala in February. It’s always a challenge for me to paint skylines because my handwriting naturally slants to the left. I find my buildings do the same. Very weird!

I’m using a modified Zorn palette as the skyline is depicting sunset with overhead clouds.

Modified Zorn palette

Here’s an overall of the work in progress:

Seattle skyline work in progress

I’m hoping there will be a former Seattle resident in the audience and that this piece will bring in a good size donation for this wonderful entity. 😊👍🏻

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Yellow Roses work in progress ~

The last of the roses in our garden had two buds that never opened due to the cold settling in. So I brought them indoors to see if they would open in the warmth of our home. The rose bush I cut them from typically makes peach and dark pink edged roses with hints of yellow, but to my delight when they opened, the roses were all yellow!

I was inspired to paint a new 6″x6″ oil on panel before they were gone, but became frustrated and almost wiped out the smaller rose. I’ll work on it later when I’m in a better frame of mind. Sometimes the paint just gets the better of me.  There will be leaves and a bud  in the composition when it’s finished. My palette is yellow ocher, cad yellow medium, lemon yellow and the background is a mixture of transparent brown oxide and manganese blue.  I hope to work on it some more after Thanksgiving. : ) Stay tuned!


Yellow Roses work in progress

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New Series ~ “Reflections”

I’ve been thinking lately about bringing more cohesion to my work, and asked myself this question; “What subjects do I really like to paint?” I looked around my studio at the work I’ve done, and it seems reflections in water and floral paintings are split pretty evenly. But, I feel my work appears scattered, it doesn’t have a “style” or a “theme” which could make a nice collection.

So, I came to a decision that my new assignment is to paint 50 works entitled “Reflections ~ The Beautiful Waterways of Idaho” Ultimately, it will become a book. I haven’t decided if I will start counting from 1 with the painting I began this week, or will include previous works into this collection, but it feels good to have a focus! I’m one of those artists who behaves like a butterfly going from flower to flower and never staying on one particular flower too long.

I don’t know if my time management will allow me to work on more than one painting in a week, given I’ve decided to make them all 8″x10″, but if I can pull it off, two paintings a week would be the ultimate goal. I will share my journey along the way, and you are welcome to cheer me on or give me constructive criticism by commenting on what you think of the work, or just hit the like button and decide not to engage in convo. But I really really would like some sort of feedback, so it doesn’t continually feel like I’m talking to the wall! Know what I mean? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, here are two of my fave paintings that possibly could be a part of the series:

Bridge at Buttonhook

“Bridge at Buttonhook”  6″x6″ oil on panel

Little Cabin by the Lake

“Little Cabin by the Lake” – 8″x10″ oil on canvas

Here’s a sneak peak of the new work in progress:

work in progess

1 work in progress 2
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Working on Roses

Work in progress ~ This 8″x10″ oil painting was painted in plein air from Roses in my garden. After it dries a bit more, I’ll be glazing and tuning up the colors. Perhaps I’ll add another petal on the table. What do you think?

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New Daisy painting ~

The Daisies are in full bloom! They grow wild and the other day I picked a vase full as my subject for a new painting. I read somewhere that if you put an aspirin and a tsp. of sugar in the water it keeps the flowers longer. So I did and took the arrangement into the studio. I worked out my color palette and laid in the background color on my panel, with the plan to begin painting the next morning.

Guess what? The aspirin killed the flowers! I came into the studio the next morning to find all the flowers keeled over. Bad information! I had to go in search of fresh flowers and luckily was able to find some as they are starting to end their life cycle. I made a sketch and transferred it over to my panel and now all is good! That’s if nothing else weird happens over night!

More to come as I progress.

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A little plein air painting

This past weekend we did a two day camping trip. I took the medium pochade box and found a perfect spot next to a whitewater creek in which to paint. The temps were a bit on the cold side since we were 3200+ft. in elevation. There was still snow on some of the shadow side of the roads. But all in all it was a great weekend!

Making a preliminary sketch of my scene.

This is the scene I used for my 8×10 oil painting.

I was able to lay in all the base colors and will bring up the light values in the studio. Will share the finished piece soon!