“My oil painting just arrived! Thank you so much @tamarack_mountain_studio! You do such beautiful artwork/oil painting! Your packaging, receipt and Certificate of Authenticity is so professionally done. This is why I am giving you a shout out! Thank you so much!” Christine Barrett

“Sugar Bowl”

“Thank you, thank you with all my heart! I will have your beautiful painting to look at forever!” – Eva Marks

Thank you!

“Cloud Candy” painting is one of my all time favorite of your pieces. That sky is an awesome piece of work. I will think of you every time I look at your painting – it will leave a special spot in my heart.” “You are an inspiration to me and all who see your dedication […]

“One of my all time favorites”

“I have to admit your painting this year was by far one of the best art you’ve ever been so kind to donate to us! It truly was amazing! There was a battle for it and the winner was thrilled!” Thank you again for all that you have done to help the clubs over the […]

“Thank you again!”

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